Trip to the Historic Center of Naples

Destination Naples collects the best accommodation in the Historic Center of Naples. Welcoming, vibrant, and energetic in every way, the Center represents the beating heart of the city.

We are a group that has always made hospitality our mission. Our goal is to be with you on your journey discovering the most authentic and original places. 

We know that Naples is not only to be visited. It is listened to, followed to in its pace, intrusiveness, with enthusiasm and joy; and its center, with 2000 years of history, UNESCO world heritage site, is the first step to discovering the city, which conserves the main sites.

We will do our best to be a reference point, a starting line from which to start the day, for a trip to discover it. We will be loyal advisors whom to trust before immersing oneself in the beauty of tradition.

The ideal
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Staying in one of the Destination Naples facilities means immersing oneself in the heart of Naples. These are in fact all in the heart of the Historic Center, the most interesting part of the city, only a few steps away from the Chiostro di Santa Chiara, the national Archeological Museum, the Cappella Sansevero, and the neighborhoods Porto and Toledo/Spanish Quarters.

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A collection of exclusive facilities that makes the trip to Naples a special and unforgettable experience. We love listening to and pointing our customers in the right direction, understanding their wants. For us it is important, as our client reviews show, to offer an attentive service, personalized and curated. We do this with passion and fun.


Our facilities offer a wide variety of services, heterogeneous and distinctive. Naples is a city that is surprising and unpredictable, which is why we try to always be ready to accommodate any want. We want our clients to feel welcome, comfortable, and protected. How? That is always a surprise, even for us.


Sleep in the Historic Center of Naples

Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites

10 rooms

In the Palazzo Berio from the 1700s, a charming atmosphere welcomes our guests, only a few steps away from the Royal Palace and the San Carlo Theatre, across from the Galleria Umberto I. A welcoming lounge room to relax in front of the fireplace, lulled by the notes of old Neapolitan melodies.

Correra 241
Lifestyle Hotel

21 rooms

A few steps away from the National Archeological Museum, it comes from the renovation of an ex industrial factory. It is an ideal departing point for your visit in the city. Part of an ancient greco-roman aqueduct is a contemporary art gallery.

Hotel de Charme

39 rooms

Housed in the Palazzo Riario Sforza, XVIII century, is a hotel that encaptures the best of Naples, gifting our guests with an intimate atmosphere, full of charm and comfort. The breakfast room with its golden decor from the 1700s makes for an unforgettable experience.

Foro Carolino
Suite & Breakfast

6 rooms

In the Historic Center of Naples, with balconies that overlook the second largest square of the city, you will find inside a historic building from the 1700s six bedrooms that remember the nobility of the past, without taking away from the technology and the best service available for the guests.

Il Convento

14 rooms

Located in the heart of the Spanish Quarters, within the alleys full of Neapolitan culture, this offers a comfortable ambiance. Small details, like the lace handmade curtains and the relaxing showers, turn the rooms into an oasis of wellness. Perfect for couples, families, or friends.

La Ciliegina
Lifestyle Hotel

18 rooms

Overlooking Piazza Municipio, a few steps from the Maschio Angioino and the San Carlo Theatre, it offers a panoramic terrace with a Jacuzzi and a relaxation area. High standards of quality on the products served at breakfast and an immense attention to the wants of the guest. 

Hotel Piazza Bellini
& Apartments

48 rooms I 8 apartments

Through history and design comes the Hotel Piazza Bellini. In an antique building from the 1500s, fully renovated, from the modern design to the iconic graffiti. The courtyard embedded in the building represents a true oasis of tranquility.

Rinuccini Relais
Boutique Hotel


On the last floor of a splendid 1700s building, there is a small treasure: panoramic rooms, furnished with taste and elegance. Furniture, spaces, and colors find here a perfect balance that emits wellbeing. Everything is harmonic, joyful, and alive. A core of pure beauty, in the heart of the Historic Center.

Santa Chiara
Boutique Hotel

7 Suites I 3 ROOMS

In the heart of the Spaccanapoli, there is a hidden gem of Neapolitan hospitality, a site permeated by an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, where contemporary design and comfort meet history and art. The staff is always attentive to meet any guest desire.


What to do in the
Historic Center of Naples


A web of people

We work together to make Naples a unique experience.

Behind Destination Naples there is a group of people that collaborate and work together. What unites us is a common passion: the love for hospitality, united through a strong connection to our culture and traditions. Each of our actions has the goal of promoting operations and synergy that can continue to make Naples an increasingly inclusive and welcoming reality.